NEW 28 Day Matcha Green Tea Fat Burner
NEW 28 Day Matcha Green Tea Fat Burner
NEW 28 Day Matcha Green Tea Fat Burner
NEW 28 Day Matcha Green Tea Fat Burner
NEW 28 Day Matcha Green Tea Fat Burner
NEW 28 Day Matcha Green Tea Fat Burner
NEW 28 Day Matcha Green Tea Fat Burner
NEW 28 Day Matcha Green Tea Fat Burner
NEW 28 Day Matcha Green Tea Fat Burner
NEW 28 Day Matcha Green Tea Fat Burner

    NEW 28 Day Matcha Green Tea Fat Burner

    • All natural detox
    • Fight bloating and lose weight
    • Boost immunity and gut health
    • Feel years younger
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    Gluten Free
    Keto Approved
    100% Vegan
    Cruelty Free

      Matcha Green Tea: A dream drink to lose weight from Celebrity Detox Tea

      Green tea, especially matcha green tea, has become one of the most beloved drinks all over the world owing to its numerous health benefits. Packed with antioxidants, chlorophyll, vitamins, chromium, selenium, magnesium, zinc and fiber, this drink is a one-stop-solution for detoxification and fat burning needs. Moreover, it is a drink that allows you to enjoy a calmer state of mind and helps you in getting a good sleep. We at Celebrity Detox Tea understand the many benefits that matcha green tea is capable of and therefore, we have strived towards helping create the best Matcha Green Tea fat burner available in the market. Completely organic and capable of providing you with fast and guaranteed results, our matcha green tea is of the highest quality and the many customers who have used it have all come back with very satisfactory and contented responses.

      A fat burning tea like no other

      A very sad reality in the tea making business is the fact that a lot of parts of the tea leaf is actually thrown away in order to generate a variant that is rich in flavor but misses out on the many health benefits that tea leaves are capable of providing. Matcha tea is one type of tea, which makes use of the entire tealeaf; thereby guaranteeing that the many health benefits a tealeaf has is incorporated in your drink. It is a proven fact that if you drink one cup of matcha green tea, it is comparable to drinking 10 cups of normally brewed tea, with the former having more than 137 times higher amount of antioxidants available in them. In our online store at Celebrity Detox Tea, we make sure that we incorporate the highest quality of Matcha Green Tea fat burner properties in our products, so as to provide our customers with a stellar experience. Some of the benefits that you are bound to experience from consuming our fat burner green tea include:

      • Speedy and fast burning of unwanted body fat
      • Ketogenic compatibility, allowing you to drink this tea even while on a keto diet
      • Help with increasing your metabolic rate and energy creation
      • Lowering your appetite to ensure speedy weight loss
      • Completely gluten free products
      • No harming of plants or animals during production
      • Completely vegan
      • Help with detoxification and cleaning all unwanted elements in your body that might cause harm to it
      • Help with rest and sleep
      • Help with maintaining a calm state of mind and increasing focus

      Our Matcha Green Tea Fat Burner is the correct product for you if you are a fan of green teas and want your matcha tea to have the highest amount of benefits for your body. We at Celebrity Detox Tea aim to provide you with healthy and swift solutions to weight loss problems, and this green tea from our online store enables us to achieve exactly that.

      • Includes 28 days of fat burning green matcha tea
      • Only 22 Cal per serving
      • Decreases Appetite*
      • Metabolism Boosting
      • No Caffeine
      • Expels body fat*
      • Promotes fat loss
      • Delicious Flavor

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 208 reviews
      Rowena Fuentes

      I've been a drinker of Green Tea for a couple of years now. When I read about the one this company supplies, I was happy to try and see if it would help my diet control and be a nice drink. Thankfully it's doing both.


      The Matcha Green Tea Fat Burner is a great help to me with reducing my weight. My waist is reducing every week, I'm really happy.


      I used Green Tea from various suppliers for a number of years, but found this one to be the best. My body fats have reduced, and it's a great taste.


      Good product...


      The Matcha Green Tea, is a great taste, and it does as it's says Burn Fat. I'm seeing a reduction in my waist after five days.