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Don't know if I'll be getting another bag as I really can't tell if it is really help me to loss weight or not but I have lost a couple of inches off my waist.

Since Christmas and New Year is right around the corner that means yummy but unhealthy foods. I purchased a 2nd box because I am hoping it will somehow help me with me doing minimum dieting. It's hard to say no to all those home made cookies, snacks & chocolates. I am hoping the tea will help me with maintaining my current weight and flush out all that bad eating over those few weeks.

I prefer the night time blend because it helps me sleep at night.

I wish I could upload some pics bc my results FREAKING ROCK!!!!! 😍😍😍

It's only my first day.
I like the tea. I've been drinking it and water all day. I typically eat a lot during the day and I find myself not hungry at all! Hoping to lose a few pounds in the process 😬 so far so good!

I use a regular green tea bag, pour 1/4 cup of almond milk in after it has steeped, add 1 tsp of The Fat Burning Matcha Tea and 1 tsp agave and pulse it on my ninja blender. It comes out a little frothy at the top, which I love. It's very smooth and delicious.

Love the flavor. Taste like chocolate. I've been using it as sort of like a dessert when I have a sweet-tooth while I am on this "clean eating diet"

If you are looking for long term weight loss this could help but would likely need to be used in conjunction with exercise and overall diet change.

I bought this because I was feeling bloated and wanted to loose a few pounds.🤷‍♀️

I saw someone else's review who had more experience with these products. I went by her word that it was good. I was NOT disappointed!!

I haven't noticed much of a difference health wise but find them tasty to eat.
Hope I'm getting some goodness from it.
I take 2 every morning to kick start my day.


I ordered the 14 Day Morning & Evening Bundle Cleanse, which arrived quickly and I have found the taste great and very refreshing.

I will recommend this to my friends

The Fat Burning Mocha Coffee is great and definitely works.

Highly recommended

I would recommend the 28 Day Morning Boost Cleanse, it helps during the day and suppressed my craving.

I want more please..

The Detox Mega Bundle, is refreshing and a great taste.


Bought the 28 Day Morning and Evening Bundle Cleanse, and it's a great flavour and taste, and works well.


I was recommended to this website, and was very skeptical, but decided to order the 28 Day Morning Boost Cleanse, and have been very satisfied, more energy and also losing weight.

Love it

Ordered the 28 Day Evening Cleanse and the Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, but great and are doing the job.

As with many websites reviews, I always have a very open mind. I decided to place an order for the 14 Day Morning / Evening Bundle Cleanse, and it's really contributed to my weight reduction.

My course of the 28 Day Morning Boost Cleanse, is working great, I'm at day 14 and can see and feel the benefits.

Yesterday my order arrived, and I've started using the Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, and I really enjoying, the taste is great.

I drink this every morning and I also started having half of a grapefruit every morning, since it’s known to be healthy. The results are coming along. It definitely works but be careful because I am not dietitian.

I stopped using this product and recently started using it again. About 8 tea bags down I’ve lost close to 4 pounds in a little over a week. I drink it in the night,
I am happy about my weight loss and It also helps with my hunger pains.

Seriously... BUY!
I like to drink it cold, I put some ice cubes in it or let it cool down first. Def makes bloating disappear! You’re crazy if you haven’t tried this yet.

I even made my boyfriend drink it one time and he said “he liked it as well”

14 Day Evening Cleanse
Brittany Lewis

Give it a try! It may take about a week and a half to take effect and to see results on the scale....... Love it!