Top 5 Worst Drinks for Bloating

by Stephanie Yates on June 23, 2020

Top 5 Worst Drinks for Bloating

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Bloating is a respiratory disease that involves the irritation of the food pipe lining by bile or stomach acid. Just like many other diseases, there are eating habits that worsen the situation and such must be done away with so as to get cured in good time. Bloating is a disturbing diseases but you may create a relief for yourself soon if you do not eat foods or drink that worsen the situation. Most of the times, people are unaware of the drinks and foods that worsen the bloating disease and as such, there is a need for enlightenment. In this article, I will list out the kinds of drinks that you must stay away from when you have bloating disease. These drinks have been proven to cause more harm to bloating patience and must be prevented.



A lot of people love to take coffee but for people experiencing bloating disease, bloating is rather bad and could worsen the situation. Coffee is a drink that creates an effect on the colon and as such, instigate the release of gastric acid which causes bloating. If you are struggling with bloating, then you need a break from coffee.

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Milk is a popular drink that contains in it Lactose, a milk sugar. Lactose is digested and broken down in the body by an enzyme known as Lactase. If someone lacks adequate Lactase, then Lactose is left undigested and hence draws water from the gut, causing gas and bloating that generate pain. Casein is a protein in milk and can cause bloating even for people who don’t lack Lactase enzymes. This shows milk should not be a diet for people that are bloating.


Apple Juice

Juice from apple is undoubted naturally but contains undigested sugar called Sorbitol. This may cause or aggravate bloating. Some other artificial sorbitol found in sweetened sorbitol are also harmful and must be prevented.

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Carbonated Drinks

This is a no brainer. Carbonated drinks contain gases which can be trapped inside the human stomach. This causes bloating and worsens it through the bubbles that comes with all carbonated drinks. Stay away!



Alcohol completes the top five drinks to stay away from when bloated and it is due to the inflammation that this drink cause to the stomach wall or lining. This inflammation causes gastritis and worsens bloating.

In conclusion, in other to cure and get rid of bloating issues and disease, you may need to take some effective and potent detox tea that is made to provide needed conditions within your belly so you feel good and comfortable. One of such brand of detox tea is Celebrity Detox and it is advisable to give it a try to cure bloating.