Celebrity Detox Tea: Real Life Results "Yola"

by Stephanie Yates on August 17, 2020


Celebrity Detox Tea: Real Life Results , Celebrity Detox Tea before and after results

Now this is a woman with a busy schedule! We’re not sure where she finds the time to look this good. With 2 kids, a husband and a high pace job, we don’t know how she handles it all. BUT GUESS WHAT?! She’s slaying it!

Yola started her weight loss journey with the help of the Celebrity Detox Tea 14 Day Morning & Evening Bundle Cleanse. After only two short weeks she’s dominated these results. And we’re in awe with her progress. Keep up the good work babe! Can’t wait to see what she looks like after the 28 day cleanse.



Check out her story and see what she has to say for herself.


First and foremost, DO NOT listen to the haters! Or anyone that tells you that this tea doesn’t work. I’ve gotten some amazing results. I started with the 14-day detox and recently upgraded to the 28-day cleanse.
I’ve been drinking this tea on and off for a couple of months now.  I find that when I’m really strict and practice discipline… Meaning - drinking it DAILY I got the best results. I started drinking it daily. Twice a day. Once in the morning about 30 minutes before breakfast and at night right before bed. I typically added some fresh lemon juice and cinnamon. And sometimes a little honey if I was feeling fancy that day.   
After about a week of drinking Celebrity Detox Tea my bloating went away, and I have to say for some reason I also felt thinner.
Now I’m not claiming that this is some kind of magical potion, but it does help to get you on the right track by helping to jumpstart your metabolism. (Especially in the early stages of your weight loss journey.)  Obviously, you’ll probably want to develop some healthier eating habits over time.
My advice would be to try it out for yourself and remember to take it one day at time… And oh yeah… Try not to be so hard on yourself.
Celebrity Detox Tea: Real Life Results , Celebrity detox tea morning and evening bags with a mug

Thanks Yola for sharing your story! We truly hope it helps to motivate some else start their journey today.

Who wants to see results like Yola? Grab some Celebrity Detox Tea and get started!