3 Ways to Maintain A Flat Tummy With Matcha Green Tea

by Stephanie Yates on September 30, 2019

3 Ways to Maintain A Flat Tummy With Matcha Green Tea

Celebrity detox tea fat burning Matcha Green tea

One of the healthiest beverages that you will come across, the matcha green tea is packed with beneficial antioxidants and makes use of the whole tealeaf to provide you with numerous health benefits. It makes use of numerous plant compounds to help you lose weight and accelerate the fat burning process. Being able to maintain a lean physique and a flat stomach is not just healthy for the body, but also allows you to look good and flaunt your favorite clothes with grace and perfection. This article will enumerate the 3 ways in which Celebrity Detox Tea Matcha Green Tea fat burner helps you in maintaining a flat stomach.


Fat burning substances are part of matcha green tea

women on the beach drinking a glass of Celebrity Detox Tea Fat Burning Matcha Green TeaHelps in mobilizing fat from fat cellsMatcha green tea has around 24-40mg of caffeine in 1cup of its serving, a stimulant well known for its fat burning properties and help with improving exercise performance. Apart from caffeine, matcha green tea is also loaded with many antioxidants, which are known as catechins. The most important catechin that is part of the matcha green tea is the epigallocatechin gallate, also known as the EGCG, a substance known for boosting metabolism in the body.

In order to burn fat, it needs to be broken down in your body and included in your bloodstream. Studies that have been carried out in animals have revealed the astonishing fact that green tea contains compounds, which aid or accelerates this process. This is done by the boosting of certain fat burning hormones in the body such as noradrenaline also known as norepinephrine. EGCG, the main antioxidant present in green teas helps inhibit the secretion of the enzyme that breaks down noradrenaline. This results in the hormone getting produced in a higher quantity in your body, thereby aiding in higher fat burning. Studies have further revealed that caffeine and EGCG present in matcha green teas work in a synergistic manner.


women drinking a glass of Celebrity Detox Tea Fat Burning Matcha Green Tea

Helps you reduce visceral fat

A number of controlled studies have revealed that matcha green tea is one of the best detox teas for losing weight and allows you to burn extra fat. However, it needs to be remembered that not all types of fat are the same. Subcutaneous fat is the type of fat that accumulates under the skin, however, it is possible that a fat person also has a large amount of visceral fat, which is also known as belly fat. High levels of visceral fat have been associated with insulin resistance and inflammation, both conditions capable of causing serious diseases like coronary problems and type 2 diabetes. Studies conducted with matcha green tea catechins has revealed that along with assistance in fat loss, green tea is capable of helping you lose a lot of visceral fat. This helps you avert a lot of deadly diseases while being able to maintain a flat tummy.

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women on the beach drinking a glass of Celebrity Detox Tea Fat Burning Matcha Green Tea