Healthy Habits You Should Incorporate In Your Busy Schedule

by Stephanie Yates on November 25, 2019

Healthy Habits You Should Incorporate In Your Busy Schedule

woman having celebrity detox tea with breakfast

When it comes to us working towards living a healthy life, sometimes our daily activities can get in our way – this is something we have in one way or the other come to experience. Rather than having a healthy breakfast of our self-prepared meal, we prefer to hit the nearest Starbucks or make ourselves a bowl of cereal, to meet our appointment at work. Our priority (living a healthy life) can drop in the bid to do justice to our hectic work schedule and more often than we expect, we choose to go fast than to go healthy.

As much as we’ll want to justify our actions, proper assessment of this situation will show that it all comes down to the way we start our day. It is of utmost importance that we have a strong and clear mind for us to maintain focus on what should be prioritized.

No matter how busy our day can be, these habits listed below should and will fit into any schedule. Let's take a look at some of them.



woman having a snack

Thanks to our mom’s while growing it was easier to eat 3 meals. However, as we grow, eating started being something we do whenever we have time. Sometimes, there is little or no time to get a proper meal. At times, you tend to forget your lunch due to the quantity of work you have. We end up switching our meal for snacks without paying attention to how much of them we consume. This shouldn’t be.

Research has shown and proven that taking snacks between your proper meal may satisfy your hunger at the moment, but it makes it up with the number of calories it produces during your next meal. It contributes to your calories, which automatically contribute to your weight gain.

Avoid snacks and focus on consuming full, hearty meals.



woman eating while on the phone

We spend the majority of our time in front of our TVs, Laptops, phones, etc. how about we turn off our phone just for few hours, and take this time to unwind a bit. We’ve replaced being connected to healthy living with being connected to the world. Our priorities have changed. Instead of connecting to what is around the world alone, our health demands we appreciate the things around us more. That is one healthy habit to fit into your busy schedule.



coffee and muffin on a table

Most times, when we see the need to stay alert and focused, our best option is to go for Coffee. Instead of your regular coffee, it should be substituted with Celebrity Detox Tea. It contains the caffeine we expect from other coffee, but this time with other antioxidants that make it a better alternative when it comes to detoxifying our body. Aside from this, a bottle of water should be around at all times to remain hydrated. Research has proven that one cause of loss of concentration is dehydration. Stay hydrated, and surprisingly see yourself always on top of things.

Our Celebrity Detox Tea has been made in a way to give you the required energy, as well as the required mental stimulation to start your day. Consider the Celebrity Detox Tea first, before you inculcate any of these habits discussed and you’ll see how healthy it is to stick to a healthy lifestyle. After all, it is expected of us to strive to get more, live healthier and better.