Everyday Drinks That May Cause Bloating

by Stephanie Yates on October 31, 2019

Everyday Drinks That May Cause Bloating

Woman showing reduced belly bloating after drinking Celebrity Detox Tea

Bloating is a common problem brought on by most of our favorite foods rich in bad carbs. However, did you know that some of your favorite daily beverages contribute to the problem too? Shocking, isn't it? Well then brace yourself to read about some of the worst culprits of your bloating problems that exist right under your nose.

  1. Coffee: Who would have thought that everyone's favorite cuppa could turn out to be such a bummer? The truth is, as much as coffee helps everyone reawaken and energize, it is one of the worst offenders to cause bloating problems. It leads to excessive colon movement equivalent to that of a 1000 calorie meal. Furthermore, it encourages bowel disorders such as colitis, Crohn's disease and irritable bowel syndrome.

Celebrity Detox Mocha Coffee and coffee beans

  1. Carbonated beverages: The tiny floating bubbles in carbonated drinks are responsible for making you feel gassy and bloated. This stands true for not only sweetened drinks, but also sparkling water. On the other hand, plain water dilutes the gastric juices in the colon, hence too much of hydration can become too bad too soon.

Soda drink

Celebrity Detox Tea offers a remedy to all your bloating problems! Its green and matcha tea packages available for 14 and 28 day programs can be consumed either in mornings or evenings as per the instructions on its packaging. We also offer Mocha Coffee drinks that are easy on your stomach and actually helps to reduce bloating. Say goodbye to all your bloating problems right away.

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