by Stephanie Yates on May 04, 2020


woman in pink and black workout clothes take break from working out on nearby stairs

Now that with the help of the Celebrity Detox Tea, you've been able to get your belly bloat situation under control, it’s time to pay attention to trimming, toning and tightening that tummy. Crunches are amazing, but it won't get you that sleek shape you need. This is why engaging in different exercise moves is better than sticking to one. This will help every single core muscle to achieve the strong, defined curves that are oh-so-sexy.

In the course of this blog, we'll be discussing some workout moves that you should add to your workout to help get that slimmer tummy.


Mountain Climber

woman doing mountain climbers gif

This particular exercise focuses on the Back, the Abs, the Arms, and the Legs.


  1. Start in a plank position. Ensure your body forms a very straight line without tilting up or dipping down.
  2. Then you bend your right knee and take it towards your chest, then you straighten it, return the knee to the original position without lowering your body. Remember that your lower body is straight and not arched. Repeat with left leg. This is one rep.



woman doing V-Ups gif

V-up Targets the abs, lower back, and legs. 


  1. Firstly, lay fully on your Back and have your legs and arms outstretched behind you on the ground.
  2. In one motion, you should tighten your abs, sit up as you lift, and then keep your legs and arms in a straight athletic position. Your body shape should form a letter "V" looking form the side. Remember, your Back has to stay straight.
  3. Maintain the position for a few seconds and slowly lower back to the original position. 


Leg Lift

woman doing leg lifts gif

The leg lift targets the lower abs and waist. 

  1. You should start by laying on your Back, and extending your arms and legs to the sides. Make them palm down flat on the ground.
  2. Raise both your legs and make sure your body, mostly your Back stays firmly of the ground. Lower it down slowly. Repeat the process.


Plank with Arm Lift

woman doing planks with arm lift gif

The plank with arm lift targets the hips, abs, and the Lower Back.


1. Firstly, place your forearm in a plank position, make sure your forearms are under your shoulders and maintain your feet wide apart. Focus more on engaging your core.

2. Let your body maintain a straight position, raise and straighten your right arm forward, Hold for a few seconds, and lower your arm back to its original position. Do the same with your left arm. Repeat the procedure.